Girl Quit Job Video Get a Response From Her Boss

The boss response video got out not long after the quit job video posted by an employee who had been fired by the media company. Somebody called it as oh-wait-never-mind video, and there are others comment on it as bad publicity since according to people who hate this video it’s hypocritical as appose to in the video they wish Marina-the employer-well, and of no creativity. The question here is, why they made this video, who do they want to impress, what they were trying to clarify in the former video to their audience, and finally, did they succeed?

First of all, I this this response video is made out of some fun and true feeling, I can tell that they embarrassed about the former video sort of slandering their reputation and performances by making a upset quitting video which had addressed massive attention and interest. They try to fight back to the poster however get a little trying-too-hard. This video cannot call up sympathy and to me it’s more of a revenge parody.

For sure, the quit-job video was recklessly done and the company get hurt in front of the public. They have to make a proper respond in defense of the pressure coming from vicious rumor and unwanted public attention (scrutiny or so). However in this case, a dupe video will draw much more attention to the issue the former employee was addressing, which is their video-making is too focused on quantity and views instead of authenticity and content (I figure). Viewers who saw the response video would go back to the original one and compare these two.

Will the video erase the scandal and attract more human resource as they wanted(in their video they said they want to hire more)? I have to put a question mark on that. Youtubers made a reaction video to this one, speaking for themselves, most of them are not willing to work for the company. As a content generator organization, they should know how to capture viewers though, don’t say what you want to say, say what you want people know. They failed and address more hostility on web. People might think it as a fun video but they turn around to find that just an ad and a mean fight-back video to Marina.

All in all, this video sideswipe the issue whether they did plenty of work on video-making to customers, trying to show that they are not the bad Goliath, but turns out a conspicuous give-away.

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