Businesswomen Who Play ‘Juggles’

Of all cosmetics brands raved by beauty addicts, there are several named after designers from other realm of businesses, including clothes designers, social media celebrities, and ect. who have really been successful in both side of their career. Products of those brands are usually of high quality and have a kind of pinpoint and Nichi market positioned by those talented businesswomen.

Katherine von Drachenberg, known as Kat Von D, a greatly talented tattoo designer, originated from Monterry Mexico, who has also got her fame from being a musician and television personality, created her eslf-titled cosmetics brand in 2008 sold in the World’s biggest French cosmetic chain stores named Sephora. Other dimensions of her career such as her regular presence on the TLC reality television show LA Ink, helped initiate the stout and create enough publicity before the ‘debut’ of her cosmetics brand.

Loren Ridinger, wife of JR Ridinger, started their internet based marketing brokerage company in 1992, has a global range of customers and employees. Along with the company’s great success, her cosmetics and jewelry brand have gain instant popularity as well among Hollywood elites. She owns her reputation on her in depth taste on beauty and belief on independence of woman’s life. She also named to Top 100 most influential woman by Vogue magazine and Top 50 entrepreneur by Business Leader magazine and dedicated herself in Charity including Rally for Kids with Cancer, which she co-Chairs with Eva Longoria Parker, American Heart Association, Make-a-Wish, the Jennifer Lopez Foundation, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, and many others. She also has her own blog and website as being a self-alleged social media addict.

There are dozens of great examples of how women entrepreneurs extended their businesses into beauty industry, how does their passion, interest as well as social influence assist to its success. Along with the rise of their fame and income because of beauty involvement, charm and personality embodiment are also well amplified. Plus, who doesn’t into makeup, feminine-wise. This is a great way of devoting into something you love and making a great fortune out of it meanwhile.

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2 Responses to Businesswomen Who Play ‘Juggles’

  1. bessyu says:

    You’re right. I feel like for a lot of women in the public eye, it is a natural progression. As long as they don’t venture into the perfume arena, they are ok with me. haha I can’t stand “celebrity” perfume. Does Paris Hilton really need 9 different scents?

  2. milkywon says:

    Impressive! Beauty could be a lifelong career for every woman. As long as you have the capability, I mean, to be specific, a creative mind, a refined taste, a sharp insight and rich experience, you are always welcome to make your own contributions to the beauty industry and benefit every beauty-pursuing female. So it is natural for those female celebrities to take advantage of their big names and authorities to step into the high-profit beauty business. But in fact, devoting into something you love and making a great fortune out of it is not easy as it sounds. We’ll see if their admirable adventure can smoothly proceed.

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